JINWAR – a feminist place of ecological resistance/resurgence – a response to the crisis of our time.

18. March 2023

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We invite you to a conversation with Şermin Güven on looking at examples how the Kurdish communities in Jinwar are (re)organising in the state of ecological crisis and cooperating for autonomous solutions with community gardening, water conservation, health support, and more.

The idea for a feminist ecological women’s village was born in Syria in the midst of ongoing war, chaos and ecological crisis. This village, JINWAR, has been developed by Kurdish women since 2015 in northeastern Syria (Hesekê canton/AANES). As a feminist utopia, it aims for a life in a free and healthy society. The shape of the village, the symbols on the walls, the herbs grown here and the educational opportunities it offers are intended to make it a place of arrival and flourishing for women and children who are exposed to multiple crises and have left their places of origin. On November 25, 2018, the day against violence on women, the ecological village was completed by various local women’s initiatives through their own efforts, and this despite the ongoing civil war. Where crises and their cascades run their course, women build their own places: In the cities, their gardens, and on the fringes of war, their own villages! JINWAR is a place of inspiration! 

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